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★ X View Offers High Quality Security Camera System In Los Angeles and Southern CA - Professional Installation, Call Today Ask A CCTV Expert (888)719-6812.

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X View Security Camera Systems, Sales and Installation Services

CALL NOW! ASK A CCTV EXPERT: (888) 719 6812

X View is one of the leading companies for security camera systems in Los Angeles and Southern CA area

We provide professional security camera system installation service in Los Angeles, Orange County for commercial and residential clients.
We specialize in Security camera system, DVR system, access control systems, and commercial CCTV products.
Just give us a call with your CCTV requirements and we will guide you through the process of finding the perfect CCTV system for your needs.

We custom design and install security camera systems to the highest standards and back it up with warranty for up to three years. We specialize in custom installations of the latest video surveillance systems for commercial, residential and retail.
With all of our DVR systems and Security camera installation
you will be able to log-in remotely via internet.

We will come out to your location for a free, no cost estimate as well as prepare a written proposal for installing a CCTV system at your location.

CALL NOW!! (888)-719-6812

State of the Art Security camera system installation in Los Angeles

Professional installation service of Indoor / Outdoor security cameras













Security camera system installation Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California!!!

Los Angeles Surveillance

Security camera system in Los Angeles

★ Manufacturing and installing the world's most advanced, future generation Video Surveillance System ,DVR system and CCTV Systems. Guaranteed!

Professional right from the start, X-View offers knowledgeable security system consultation and will design and custom build a security video surveillance systems,DVR system and Security security Camera systems based on your needs.

Los Angeles Video Surveillance Systems
We are a full services provider of surveillance security cameras and CCTV system installation services, serving clients in Southern CA.

X- View will fit the right Video video surveillance systems ,dvr systems & security camera for your needs.
Our CCTV expert consulting will visit you on-site and will Lead you through The process of finding the perfect solutions for your video surveillance security camera system requirement.
Our experienced installers will provide complete professional installation
Of video surveillance CCTV security camera , DVR systems, Home Automation Systems, Intercom ,Access Control Systems,security camera system and more.
Our installers will be at your site on time, provide you with professional
Installation of visible security camera system or covert security camera system and run all necessary cables And wires at the location.
We will do the job right from start to finish!
We will provide on-site training and technical support by our experienced
professional team.Our clients receive our training program and video surveillance software upgrades free of charge.
X-View offers the best warranty in the CCTV industry.
3 year limited warranty on all custom built PC-Based DVR systems.
We also offer maintenance contracts with all our video surveillance systems at additional cost.
As designer and manufacturer of video surveillance CCTV systems, X-View can custom build a video surveillance security system based on your requirements. X-View only uses name-brand components in our PC Based DVR systems and security camera systems such as Intel, Western Digital, Samsung ,pelco ,bosch ,jvc, and SONY to name a few. The best components deliver the best, most reliable and long-lasting DVR systems (DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER) for peace of mind right from the start.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CCTV installations, DVR system manufacturing and covert surveillance operations worldwide, so X-View Technology offers the industry's cleanest and most professional installation, specializing in custom and covert installation in any size project.

We always match your requirements with the right solution since our Security Consultants are highly knowledgeable in the CCTV field.

All of our video surveillance systems can be viewed and controlled on-site or remotely, various automations such as access control systems, lights and more can also be controlled using our DVR systems.

For our customers with multiple locations we offer multiple DVR system integration into one central station and also custom fabrication of security control rooms.

X-View offers optional maintenance for security camera and DVR systems that incorporates all aspects of the system from the wiring to the security camera, DVR and more...


At X-View, we specialize in CCTV Security surveillance camera systems and custom installation. We custom manufacture our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems based on your needs.
CCTV security surveillance systems are great deterrents against vandals and criminals, and a high quality system such as the X View series PC Based DVR systems will do the job when it comes to capturing the crime on video!

We will perform any installation of security camera system from senior homes surveillance to gas stations CCTV systems, high rise buildings (and elevators) to private homes, warehouses to hotels and hospitals (Medical buildings, medical facilities), No job is too big or too small for our professional security camera installation teams.
We take pride in manufacturing the most advanced PC based custom DVR on the market today, utilizing only state-of-the-are components to build the best DVR available.
With a wide array of surveillance equipment, hidden spy cameras, nanny cameras, bullet cameras, pinhole cameras, box cameras IR (Infra Red) Cameras, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras), We have the CCTV solution for you, with all the future generation technology already inside. We will typically utilize Sony Cameras, at a minimum of 480TVL (TV Lines) high resolution in full color and up to 580 - 600 TVL ultra high resolution.
Our D.V.R also features 30FPS (Frames Per Second) per camera viewing rate in live and recording mode (For most DVR systems). Video picture quality range from QCIF and 2CIF to 4CIF (704 X 480) and full D1 (720 X 480), Using MPEG4 compression or H.264 Compression algorithms.
All PC based DVR systems manufactured by SECURITYCAMERA-SYSTEMS.COM carry a 3 year limited warranty and are built using only name brand components such as: genuine Intel Components (Chipset, Processor and Motherboard) as well as a Western Digital Hard Drives, ATI video cards and more. We Also offer Mobile DVR systems for police and security cars, school busses, ambulances, and even private vehicles security camera systems.

As a leader in CCTV Security, at SECURITYCAMERA-SYSTEMS.COM we also offer our own user friendly DVR software that is self explanatory and super-easy to use, as well as Central Station software if you are in need of viewing multiple location from one remote site. The Central Station Software is typically used for commercial and industrial companies with multiple locations.

Standalone DVR systems are also available, as well as leasing and financing options for your security surveillance CCTV / DVR system and a maintenance agreement.




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